Aminoblue user stories

We have received a lot of positive feedback from Aminoblue users. Read some of the stories here.

Ole Kristian had his life turned upside down after a stroke in 2015.

“In 2015 I could hardly lift a fork to my mouth. Now in my early 60s, I can bench press 180 lbs!” – Meet Ole Kristian Riise

Learn about how Anne Marghrete went from having joint pains, headaches and swollen skin to being pain free and active.

Mie Jensen – 58 years

“I have had spine gout (Morbus Bechterew) for 32 years. Over the years there have been periods of joint pain in most of the body, impaired movement of the neck, back and lumbar. I had a poor sleep quality, despite physical exercise and immunosuppressive therapy. I have also been hospitalized several times. I started taking… Continue reading Mie Jensen – 58 years

Joergen Roland Jensen – 55 years

“I have been suffering from muscle and joint pains for several years. My joints were so worn out that I had to have surgery in my shoulder, and a double-side hip transplant 10 years ago. I also suffered from uric acid gout and a moderately worn spine. Hard work with heavy lifting increased my pain,… Continue reading Joergen Roland Jensen – 55 years

Venke Irene Nilsen – 67 years

“I am a 67 years old woman, who has struggled with pains in fingers and a knee for several years. Every morning, I woke up with swollen and stiff fingers, making even the simplest tasks difficult. And when I should go for a walk, I had to put a support bandage on my knee.  I… Continue reading Venke Irene Nilsen – 67 years

Lars Joergen Elstad – 75 years

I have been a farmer for many years, with a second job as an equipment salesman. After many years of hard manual labor, I had a lot of pain in my joints, and my fingers were stiff. Two years ago, I heard about Aminoblue, and decided to try this, which I so far is very… Continue reading Lars Joergen Elstad – 75 years

Kamilla Riise – 84 years

“I have always lived an active life, and with a fulltime job as a nurse and 3 lively sons there was not much time for rest. After my sons moved out and I retired from work, I continued to take care of my physical fitness. At the age of 75 years, I tried skating for… Continue reading Kamilla Riise – 84 years

Astrid Helene Lund – 71 years

“I have worked as a professional leader in the “Milestone” Foundation for 21 years and as a senior advisor in the same place last year. This is a job that I fully enjoy. Working with youth is a great pleasure for me, I am still working as a senior advisor, and I am happy with… Continue reading Astrid Helene Lund – 71 years

Laila Margrethe Hansen – 72 years

“I am a pensioner with a long professional career behind me. (I have been working in a pharmacy for 52 years.) For the body to work is important for everyone, and as you grow older it is especially important to pay attention to the signals it provides. I have experienced ailments that have affected everyday… Continue reading Laila Margrethe Hansen – 72 years

Laila Klungseth Oestvold – 76 years

“I am an older lady, living an active life as a pensioner. For several years, I worked at an institution for youth with behavioral difficulties but quit just over 20 years ago. I got a back injury that caused me to become disabled. The back was eventually operated, and I could continue my active life… Continue reading Laila Klungseth Oestvold – 76 years