About us

Seafood Home is a forward looking supplier of dietary supplements with a clear thought: We put your health the highest!

The owners have more than 30 years of experience with seafood. Our ambition is to help individuals gain energy as well as prevent injuries and pains. We do this by offering 100% natural foods with solid self-perceived efficacy, not to mention products of the best quality.

Quality products from a solid player

A thoughtful use of dietary supplements, coupled with an active lifestyle, can significantly increase the quality of life and reduce physical discomfort in everyday life. Too much of the food we eat contains processed raw materials, which can often reduce the nutritional value greatly. We are not always very good at eating the right food, like e.g. fish, fruit and vegetables daily. Because of this, we are missing all the necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals.


Our subscription package has high quality and a very affordable price. We offer simple deliveries, and should you wish for an additional delivery or postpone a package for the next month please feel free to contact our Customer Centre at +4793400041 every weekday between 8 AM and 4 PM EST. You can also send an email to post@aminoblue.no.

Our subscription makes it easy for you as a customer to ensure regular shipments of your AminoBlue, so you are not suddenly left without capsules. Seafood Home products are made from the best, safest and most natural ingredients in the market.