“I used to have great pains from arthritis.”

Then I started using Aminoblue, a dietary supplement based on sea cucumber.

Anne Margrethe got a new life without arthritis pain an headaces.

This a transcript of an interview with Aminoblue user Anne Margrethe and her husband Kjetil. The interview was conducted in october 2022 in Elverum, Norway.

Five years ago, I was recommended to try it for the arthritis pain in my hands.

I had tried different dietary supplements over extended periods without it making a difference.

Therefore, I was a bit skeptical but thought I could give it a try and see if it helped.

After three weeks

After taking the supplement for three weeks, I wondered what happened to my skin. It felt soft. It was almost like I had baby skin. And after some time, I began to get the feeling back in my fingers.

They were red and stiff, and I could barely clench my fist.

Now I can move my fingers, and it was as if I had regained the mobility and strength I had before arthritis. I was diagnosed with arthritis by X-ray, so the diagnosis is confirmed.

A fantastic side effect

And the best part of it all was that after a while, I discovered that I  hadn’t had a migraine attack for a long time, and I used to have these attacks about once a week.

Now it’s been five years without migraine attacks. I have hands that work, nice skin, and hair and nails that are healthy and strong.

I have to say that after I started taking Aminoblue, my life has become a good life because it wasn’t before. In a way, I’ve started a new life as a retiree.


Aminoblue has helped a lot for my wife Mimmi. She used to struggle with joints, fingers, and migraine attacks. A lot of tough, tiresome days.

After she started taking Aminoblue, she has practically fully recovered. It´s truly a relief to have a wife in such good health.

Anne Margrete

Before I started taking Aminoblue, I had a lot of trouble using my fingers. I was unable to unscrew jar lids and bottle caps. I had to give up knitting, which I loved.

Now, after I got rid of the arthritis and my hands are working again, everything has become so much easier. I don’t need to ask for help all the time. Now I can do it myself. And I am knitting as well.


Her grip strength has improved. Now I can ask her for help occasionally. That’s how it’s become, thanks God, that she has a much better life. And that benefits both of us. 

Is it really Aminoblue?

People may ask: How do you know that it’s Aminoblue that has made you healthy?

And I can tell them that the only thing that has changed was that I started with Aminoblue. I haven’t done anything else.

No changes to my diet, no more or less exercise. I live my life just as I did before. The only thing that changed was taking Aminoblue.

100% natural

I find it reassuring to take Aminoblue since I know there are only natural substances and nothing artificial.

Those who suffer from shellfish allergies should be a little careful because they may react to it. But otherwise, there is no danger in taking Aminoblue. Only positive, at least as far as I’m concerned.

I always had to lay in bed when I had migraine attacks.

It also happened that medication given by my doctor did not work, so I had to wait before I could take the next tablet.

There were times when I was in so much pain that I was standing on my head in bed and didn’t know what I was going to do.

Anyone who has migraines knows what migraines are. It’s horrible and so painful that you’re completely put out.

In addition, you get side effects from the medication that can last for several days. Aminoblue has given me a new lease on life and made my days much better.

The arthritis pain is gone

Now that I’m healthy ,I don’t have pain anymore, not in my head, not in my hands. I get to knit when I feel like it.

I can travel when I feel like it; without being afraid that I’m going to have a migraine attack. I can participate in public life. After all, I work as a county representative.

I get to do things that I didn’t dare to start with before because I thought, “What if I have migraine attacks, or if my hands hurt so much that I can hardly do anything?”

The pain in my fingers used to be severe, especially in the fall, and in case of weather changes.

Now I can go for a walk – I  can do anything I want, and I couldn’t before because of my arthritis pain.

Now I don’t have to think about the fact that I can get sick and will be unable to do things anymore. Things are going great.

And then some

I have a granddaughter with psoriasis who has started taking Aminoblue, and she’s gotten well,  but she must make sure that she remembers to take the tablets all the time because if not, the psoriasis will come back.

I think that psoriasis and joint problems like I had, are the kinds of things that inhibit you.

Getting well is something I wish for everyone, and this is really a chance. And, as I said, this supplement is harmless to take, with no side effects.


I don’t get paid to be a part of this. I think it’s important to inform about things that work. It has made a huge difference to me. I’ve tried it myself and stand by what I’ve said – that’s the way it is.


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