Lars Joergen Elstad – 75 years

I have been a farmer for many years, with a second job as an equipment salesman.

After many years of hard manual labor, I had a lot of pain in my joints, and my fingers were stiff. Two years ago, I heard about Aminoblue, and decided to try this, which I so far is very satisfied with.

My wife, Ellen, had also been suffering with pain and aches – heavy lifting in the job (she worked as a nurse) caused her backpain, and she also struggled with fibromyalgia and migraines.

She was generally much more skeptical about nutritional supplements than I was, but after noticing my positive experience, she decided to give it a try. She never regretted this decision.

We both have a much easier everyday life now. Ellens physique is much better, and she has considerably less pain. I have an active lifestyle, exercises twice a week, and take frequent hikes.

We are certain that we will continue taking Aminoblue – we simply don’t dare stop.