Terms & Conditions

Subscription benefits AminoBlue

When ordering AminoBlue, you will be sent 3 months of consumption (180 capsules) divided into 3 boxes. The product is delivered directly to your mailbox – convenient and easy

As a subscription, you receive regular shipments every three months for only $ 149. On all shipments, a handling fee is charged at $ 9.99.

You are not obligated to any further purchases and can of course cancel your subscription at any time.

PS: 18 year age limit.

Return right of goods in subscription

There is only return policy on the first item you receive. The subsequent items in the subscription agreement are identical to the first item. Thus, there is no return right on the goods you receive after the first package. If you no longer wish to receive goods in the subscription, you must cancel at least one month before the next shipment is delivered to you. Packages returned to us without authorization will not be credited with the invoice.

The original requirement remains standing even if the package is shipped back. Of course, if the package was sent to you incorrectly, you have the right of return. This is then a complaint.

Customer service

Our customer service is happy to help you by phone (+47) 934 00 041 every weekday between 10am and 3pm. You can also send an email to post@aminoblue.no.

Seafood Home is responsible for the personal information we hold in our customer register. In order to maintain customer contact, as well as provide you with the best service and interesting offers, we want to store your customer information within the time allowed by law. If you do not wish to receive such offers, please contact our customer service.

We wish you a safe and secure trade.