Kamilla Riise – 84 years

“I have always lived an active life, and with a fulltime job as a nurse and 3 lively sons there was not much time for rest. After my sons moved out and I retired from work, I continued to take care of my physical fitness. At the age of 75 years, I tried skating for the first time. As an 82-year-old, I attended 5 distances in the Norwegian Championship for seniors, and I was the first my age ever to have participated and completed. I still skate the 10 000 meters, which is demanding for anyone and everyone, especially when one is well over 80. Skating is an exercise that is demanding both for musculature and joints, and one needs to stay fit to participate in this sport. This can be a challenge when age makes its entry. I have been taking Amino Blue for 2 years, and both body and immune system work excellently. And – I’ll be sure to continue with both skates and Amino Blue!”