Mie Jensen – 58 years

Aminoblue customer Mie Jensen
Aminoblue customer Mie Jensen

“I have had spine gout (Morbus Bechterew) for 32 years. Over the years there have been periods of joint pain in most of the body, impaired movement of the neck, back and lumbar. I had a poor sleep quality, despite physical exercise and immunosuppressive therapy. I have also been hospitalized several times.

I started taking Aminoblue 2 years ago, and after 1 ½ months use, I felt a lot better. The first thing that changed was my sleep – I no longer woke up due to back pain and difficulties with turning around in the bed.

Now I feel well rested in the morning, and have much more energy in my job, as well as in my exercises.

The pain in the joints is mostly gone, and a year ago I stopped the immunosuppressant medication. My blood tests are normal, and show that the gout is in remission, which my doctor confirmed.

I am very satisfied with Aminoblue and will for sure continue taking it!”