Venke Irene Nilsen – 67 years

“I am a 67 years old woman, who has struggled with pains in fingers and a knee for several years. Every morning, I woke up with swollen and stiff fingers, making even the simplest tasks difficult. And when I should go for a walk, I had to put a support bandage on my knee.  I work as a janitor, a physically demanding job.

My wish was, of course, a life without pains, and to be able to continue working for as long as possible.

I heard about the supplement Aminoblue and started taking this a year ago.   The difference in my life is like night and day –  now  I  wake up in the morning without pain, and the stiffness of the joints is completely gone.  And I can skip the support bandage when I´m out walking the dog!

I am so pleased with Aminoblue that I also gave it to my two adult daughters, since they are struggling with similar ailments.”