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We have received a lot of feedback from users, reporting positive changes in their health, within 3 – 12 months. The supplement has more nutrients with documented effects than any other on the market. Also, the product has a sustainable environmental footprint with an all natural production, and no chemical additives.

  • Every shipment contains 3 boxes with 60 capsules each.
  • The one-time purchase will last for 3 months, giving you a chance to feel small but notable improvements in your body.
  • We recommend you try Aminoblue for at least 9 to 12 months to experience the true health benefits from sustained use.

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Aminoblue customer Mie Jensen

Mie Jensen – 58 years

“I have had spine gout (Morbus Bechterew) for 32 years. Over the years there have been periods of joint pain in most of the body, impaired movement of the neck, back and lumbar. I had a poor sleep quality, despite physical exercise and immunosuppressive therapy. I have also been hospitalized several times. I started taking Aminoblue 2 years ago, and after 1 ½ months use, I felt a lot better. The first thing that changed was my sleep – I no longer woke up due to back pain and difficulties with turning around in the bed. Now I feel well rested in the morning, and have much more energy in my job, as well as in my exercises. The pain in the joints is mostly gone, and a year ago I stopped the immunosuppressant medication. My blood tests are normal, and show that the gout is in remission, which my doctor confirmed. I am very satisfied with Aminoblue and will for sure continue taking it!”

Joergen Roland Jensen – 55 years

“I have been suffering from muscle and joint pains for several years. My joints were so worn out that I had to have surgery in my shoulder, and a double-side hip transplant 10 years ago. I also suffered from uric acid gout and a moderately worn spine. Hard work with heavy lifting increased my pain, especially in the evening and night hours. I have been taking Aminoblue for 2 years now, and my joint pain has almost disappeared My back is much better, and my muscle pains are greatly reduced, which gives me a much better sleep. I also have more energy now, to cope with a hard day at work. During this period, I haven´t noticed the uric acid rheumatism at all.”

Venke Irene Nilsen – 67 years

“I am a 67 years old woman, who has struggled with pains in fingers and a knee for several years. Every morning, I woke up with swollen and stiff fingers, making even the simplest tasks difficult. And when I should go for a walk, I had to put a support bandage on my knee.  I work as a janitor, a physically demanding job. My wish was, of course, a life without pains, and to be able to continue working for as long as possible. I heard about the supplement Aminoblue and started taking this a year ago.   The difference in my life is like night and day –  now  I  wake up in the morning without pain, and the stiffness of the joints is completely gone.  And I can skip the support bandage when I´m out walking the dog! I am so pleased with Aminoblue that I also gave it to my two adult daughters, since they are struggling with similar ailments.”

Lars Joergen Elstad – 75 years

I have been a farmer for many years, with a second job as an equipment salesman. After many years of hard manual labor, I had a lot of pain in my joints, and my fingers were stiff. Two years ago, I heard about Aminoblue, and decided to try this, which I so far is very satisfied with. My wife, Ellen, had also been suffering with pain and aches – heavy lifting in the job (she worked as a nurse) caused her backpain, and she also struggled with fibromyalgia and migraines. She was generally much more skeptical about nutritional supplements than I was, but after noticing my positive experience, she decided to give it a try. She never regretted this decision. We both have a much easier everyday life now. Ellens physique is much better, and she has considerably less pain. I have an active lifestyle, exercises twice a week, and take frequent hikes. We are certain that we will continue taking Aminoblue – we simply don’t dare stop.

Kamilla Riise – 84 years

“I have always lived an active life, and with a fulltime job as a nurse and 3 lively sons there was not much time for rest. After my sons moved out and I retired from work, I continued to take care of my physical fitness. At the age of 75 years, I tried skating for the first time. As an 82-year-old, I attended 5 distances in the Norwegian Championship for seniors, and I was the first my age ever to have participated and completed. I still skate the 10 000 meters, which is demanding for anyone and everyone, especially when one is well over 80. Skating is an exercise that is demanding both for musculature and joints, and one needs to stay fit to participate in this sport. This can be a challenge when age makes its entry. I have been taking Amino Blue for 2 years, and both body and immune system work excellently. And – I’ll be sure to continue with both skates and Amino Blue!”

Astrid Helene Lund – 71 years

“I have worked as a professional leader in the “Milestone” Foundation for 21 years and as a senior advisor in the same place last year. This is a job that I fully enjoy. Working with youth is a great pleasure for me, I am still working as a senior advisor, and I am happy with it. It is always important that the body is functioning well, especially as we get older. I myself have struggled with different ailments throughout my life and have often wished for better physical health. I was tipped off about Aminoblue and started using this product 2 years ago. That is a choice I am super happy with – the body works perfectly, and my everyday life is definitely much better.”

Laila Margrethe Hansen – 72 years

“I am a pensioner with a long professional career behind me. (I have been working in a pharmacy for 52 years.) For the body to work is important for everyone, and as you grow older it is especially important to pay attention to the signals it provides. I have experienced ailments that have affected everyday life, for many years. After hearing about Aminoblue 1 ½ years ago, I decided to give it a try. I am convinced that I made the right choice. Today I have a good life and enjoy retirement life without any pain.”

Laila Klungseth Oestvold – 76 years

“I am an older lady, living an active life as a pensioner. For several years, I worked at an institution for youth with behavioral difficulties but quit just over 20 years ago. I got a back injury that caused me to become disabled. The back was eventually operated, and I could continue my active life – although I noticed that the back and joints did not always cooperate completely. Today I often go hiking in the woods and fields, I maintain my property, both indoors and outdoors. I don´t often sit down to rest. I take Aminoblue every day, the physics is excellent, and I am confident that I can keep on my active life.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks with the use of Aminoblue?

People with a shellfish allergy should exercise caution, as allergic reactions may occur.
Sea cucumbers have anticoagulant properties. Those taking blood-thinning medication should consult a doctor before use.

What is your shipping policy?

Shipping is free to the lower 48 states. Orders are delivered within a maximum of 2 weeks.

How does the subscription work?

Aminoblue for 3 months of use is delivered every 3 months, and payment will automatically be charged to your credit card. The subscription runs until you choose to cancel it, and the cancellation must be made no later than one month before the next shipment.

What are the rules for returning products?

You have a 30-day right of return on the first shipment, after which you must cancel the subscription if you do not wish to receive the product. When returning the product, it must be in the same condition as when you received it.

What is the best way to contact you, email or phone?

Email is preferred, and will be answered within 24 hours. You can also reach us by phone, from 8 AM to 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.