Kamilla won 5 gold medals in the Norwegian ice skates championship!

Kamilla Riise tar gull

Kamilla tried skating for the first time in her life when she was 75 years. At 84, she has claimed 5 gold medals in the Norwegian seniors championship, as well as being the first participant to have ever both participated and completed at that age. We allow ourselves to be a bit tabloid, as this is actually a bit of an achievement!

ÅMODT, Buskerud:
Kamilla is in great shape. Skating is a demanding exercise for the whole body, both for fitness, joints and muscle. Kamilla has gone five distances this weekend and won gold in all, a total of 5 gold medals. It is a feat in itself to complete all the distances during a weekend, so this is very impressive!


Kamilla on the ice Saturday and Sunday during the Norwegian seniors skating championship


How is it possible to be in such good shape at her age?

The answer to this is quite complex, but she offers some simple guidelines for good health. As an experienced nurse (45 years in the profession) she knows well what she is talking about. Apart from a natural help from genes there is a lot one can do. The most important thing is to always stay active. It just gets more important with age. It is also wise to train for ability. Injuries occur more easily when passing 40, so avoiding incorrect training or overtraining.


Her er Kamilla med 5 gullmedaljer fra lørdagens løp

Kamilla posing with her 5 medals

 Need something extra?

The availability of fresh fish has unfortunately deteriorated in recent years. Combined with a natural need for supplementation of certain vitamins, she finds that the nutrients from the over 50 different nutrients in Amino Blue have been a crucial factor in her form. Several of these nutrients are very important to our body and are not found in other supplements. Kamilla started with Amino Blue several years ago, and with her active lifestyle, she definitely believes that it has produced very good results.


We congratulate Kamilla for her incredible efforts and at the same time encourage everyone to get more out of our wonderful nature, eat more of our very tasty seafood and live better!


And by the way, the Tuesday before the championship, she warmed up skating 10,000 meters at our local stadium of Valle Hovin.


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